Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Near Disaster!!

OMG!!  It finally happened!! Yesterday afternoon I was outside with Sam when I heard a shout, looked up and saw the ground give way and a big piece of construction equipment fall into the ditch they were digging. I ran inside, got the phone and called 911. By the time I got back outside, they had gotten the driver out and said that he was okay. I relayed that to the dispatcher and went back inside to get my camera. That only took about 30 seconds, and when I got back outside someone was shouting for an ambulance!  Go figure! 

The police and ambulance had to wait for Big Yellow to move some dirt and tamp it down so they could get to the injured driver.

Short story......the driver apparently had minor injuries and is okay. The crew spent two more hours digging out enough dirt so that Big Yellow and Big Blue could get in there with cables to lift the fallen equipment back on its wheels. It had kind of jack-knifed when it fell over, so they pulled and heaved to straighten it somewhat. It took awhile to get it running again, and someone actually was able to drive it out. Unbelievable! There were a few things broken and banged and dented, but it didn't look too bad considering everything that happened.

I did take lots of pictures, but too many to post at one time.  This whole project has created some really dangerous situations, and I don't think this accident will convince the city that some kind of precautions need to be exercised. Lots of unstable ground, kids climbing the piles, curious nuts trying to drive down, and even a dirt bike or two.

This morning the power company took their truck out from our side yard without too much damage. Yes, the pole is still standing!

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Kritta22 said...

Oh my gosh!!

I'm visitng from Quilter blogs!

Kritta22 said...

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marina said...

Well I think this phrase would be appropriate for you to say to those guys.
'I hate to say I told you so, but......'

Debbie said...

Well...that's is certainly something you don't see everyday!