Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snow Basin

Sunday was our first trip to Snow Basin.  We went with some friends to the lodge at the top for Sunday Brunch and it was just a gorgeous fall day!  Ready to go back next year.  Hard to beat a day on top of a mountain, gondola ride, food, and friends!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Computer Woes Over!

Yea!!  Got my laptop back.  Thank goodness it just needed a new battery!  Apparently, batteries can swell and create havoc with the track pad.....and I thought it was possessed!

Back to posting.  This quilt was our 2012 Kaffe Club row of the month.  Most of the blocks in each row are "wonky", which for me was really a challenge because I like things to line up and points to match.  Even the scallops are wonky, and if you zoom in you can see the narrow piping in the binding.  This is my second quilt using all Kaffe fabric.  We had an exhibit of 19 of these quilts at HMQS this past spring.  None of them looked alike because of row placement and color choices.  This one was really fun to make.  The rows were all designed by Kaye Evans, who has taught Kaffe Club for six years.  Thanks Kaye!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Computer woes continue!

I'm trying this out on my iPad.  My laptop is in the Mac hospital!  The track-pad was going crazy, doing strange things even when I wasn't touching it.  Possessed?!

Now if someone could tell me how to upload a photo from Photo Stream, I'd really be a happy camper.  Yep, just wasted two hours trying!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad Computer!!

My little old Mac is giving me hissie fits! Think it is time to take it in to the 'puter Dr.  Anyway, I can't believe that it is almost the end of August already!  This summer has been busy, but fun.  We spent a week in NM.  Santa Fe and Red River were wonderful.  We will definitely go back for another visit.  Of course visiting quilt shops there and on the way were a must and I found some neat "had to have" things.

Red River is a ski town and our condo faced the river and one of the chair lifts.  The funniest thing ever was this little deer.....

We were on our balcony and luckily my camera was within reach.  Have you ever heard of a deer squatting?  We haven't.  Plus, she kind of looks like a kangaroo!  Well, she squatted and then.....

she went a few feet upstream and got a drink!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Projects

The pattern for this quilt is called Science Fair by Jaybird Designs.  They also have designed the ruler Hex n'More which was a pleasure to use, once I remembered to use the correct end of the ruler!  I was cutting the gray background half hexies lickity split.  Then I started cutting the strip sets for the colored hexies and realized that I wasn't cutting triangles, I was still cutting half hexies!  The triangle part of the ruler was on the other end!  Of course I didn't have enough fabric for another strip set.  That's why some of the hexies are different.  But, I think it adds some interest!  Maybe a happy mistake?

These blocks are called Star Fusion.  Our Guild brought in Janna, from Bloc-Loc for a class on how to use her ruler to make Half Square Rectangles.  this is not how the blocks will go together, there will be pieced sashing that will make a secondary star, but I wanted to see what would happen without the sashing.  I love the new bright colors and solids!

Seems like this post is more about rulers than anything else.  I confess....I am a ruler and gadget junkie!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

50th Wedding Anniversary (two years ago!)

This post was ready to publish in July 2011, but was saved as a draft so here goes:

I can't believe that it is almost the end of July already!!  It's been a long time since I've tried juggling and remembering some kind of schedule (since retiring, maybe), and the last three months have been just that.  We had our entire family here to help us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in June.  What a great time we had.  The gang from FL arrived and when the kids got up the next morning we had snow!  Makayla, didn't remember seeing snow before, so she and her brother were out making snowballs!

 By the time she got dressed most of the snow had melted, but there was enough to make a pile of wet, heavy snowballs.  It was so cold here that we had to get them some warmer clothes to wear.

I'm Back!

After a lo-o-o-ong hiatus, I've decided to start posting again!  Lots of things have happened during my absence from blogland....too many to play catch-up, so it will be a new beginning.  I will post a few pictures and / or stories from the last two years, but I like to live for today, so most will be current events (I hope).  More in a bit.....