Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Road Construction!

Yesterday was very interesting.  A very nice guy from our power company came to tell us that he was very concerned that the power pole on the back corner of our yard was going to fall into the gully that's been created by the construction crew.  One of the anchor cables was exposed when the big blue machine was moving more dirt for the retaining wall.  Mother Nature just doesn't like having her surface re-contoured like that.  Solution?  Back a big power company truck into our side yard, break our plum tree branches, put a choke hold on the power pole, and leave it like that until the construction crew gets the retaining wall up and everything stabilized.
If that's not enough to be concerned about, there is a 20-25 foot drop-off from the edge of the grassy area to where they are digging.  No retaining wall there yet either, and the edge is so unstable that our dog won't go near it because the sand/dirt gives way.  It seems to be mostly sand and since they've taken all the trees and undergrowth out there really doesn't seem like there is anything there to keep us from sliding right down to the creek.  Just pray that we don't have an earthquake here....there was a 4.6 quake not too far north of us on Friday afternoon that was felt in three states.

This big yellow guy is directly behind our house as viewed from our upper deck.  There isn't much more than 20 - 25 feet if that between the house and edge of the grass.
Big Blue is right underneath the power pole piling up dirt and retainers.  So, big yellow behind us, big blue to the right and big power truck beside the house.  Very interesting. I watched some of the "Big Dig" in Boston and now this, and I'm convinced that sometimes these guys just think they are in a big sandbox with their toy trucks, having fun moving the dirt and then putting some back again. No disrespect intended, that's just what it looks like to me. They really do work hard at what they do and it is fascinating to watch how precise these heavy equipment operators are with these huge shovels. So, now to enjoy a quiet weekend without any more drama.

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marina said...

Big toys for big boys-definitely!
Whatever are they doing?