Friday, April 22, 2011

Three more 12 x 12's

Catching Up.....?

I've been trying to play "catch up" after being so far behind in making these little quilts!  Still only halfway there, but here are two that are finished and one almost finished.  First is "green", titled Simply Green, because of the words on one of the fabrics is Simplify.  The back is a fabric with the recycle symbols and a green world.

Next is Tenacity.  This was a difficult word for me because there were just too many ideas and interpretations.  So, I chose that "tenacious leaf" just won't let go, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.  The background is one of my hand dyes, the branches are twisted fabric strips, and the leaf was free motion stitched with thread.....lots of thread.  What you can't see is what I used as a base to stitch on (besides several layers of Solvy stabilizers).  Kaye had some dried corn silk from last summer that retained its color.  So, I stitched all over the corn silk because I wanted a bit of yellow as well as a more opaque leaf.  I left the strips from the tree branches hanging to represent the roots of the tree.

The next one is my interpretation of the word "road".  After several months of looking at pictures of roads, I saw a photo of a "road runner".  For this one I used water color pencils to blend the sky and add detail to the bird.  I'm still adding stitches to the background, so it is not quite finished, but the end is in sight!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thread leaf and tenacity

This is the finished little quilt using my "thread" leaf.  It's for the 12X12 group I belong to....trying to catch up since I'm only about six quilts behind.  For those of you who aren't familiar with 12x12's, every other month a word that has been submitted by one of the members is randomly chosen, and we make a 12" quilt with our interpretation of that word.  This is my version of "tenacity".... that one last leaf that just hangs on through everything Mother Nature throws at it.  The background is one of my hand-dyed fabrics, the branch is made by twisting several strips of brown fabric together, adding a new strip for each little twig, and finally the thread leaf applique.  I left the tree strips to represent the roots.

Back to the drawing board!  I've got two more 12 x 12's on the design wall waiting for some quilting and embellishing.