Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Class with Melody Crust

Melody Crust was one of our National Teachers this year. I was lucky enough to take several of her classes which included beading, free motion quilting with decorative threads, and what to look at, and think about when designing borders. I learned a lot and came away with loads of ideas.
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Quilt Fest 2009

Here is just a sampling of the quilts from this year's show. We had a Baby Jane show as well. What stunning quilts!! The background is an OMG quilt (I didn't say "gosh") with over 5000 pieces! The quilt depicting President Obama is beyond description and taken from the cover of Time magazine. The applique quilt is a work of art. I'm so sorry I didn't get the names of the quilters/artists, so if you recognize one of them please let me know and I will update everything. There were close to 80 quilts and I'm sure the judges had a very dificult time choosing the winners!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel Swap design from Cori

This is Cori's sample with the pocket quilted, embroidered, and colored (colourque) instead of appliqued. Almost too cute to hide beside the bed. Something to think about. Doesn't she do amazing work? Her website is if you'd like to check out her other designs.
More pics of Quilt Fest coming up in a bit.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stitcher's Angel update

Can you read the name on this booth? You can click on the picture to enlarge it. Yep! Chitter Chatter Designs!! That's Cori, owner and designer, who is also a designer (one of only seven!) for this year's Angel Swap. When I saw the booth at Quilt Fest, I literally skidded to a halt, ran in to introduce myself as a swapper and to thank her for the darling little bed pocket/organizer pattern. It was really great to meet someone else who belongs to this international swap, started by Helen Stubbings who is a designer from Australia. There is a link to Helen's website and blog in the left column if you'd like to check it out. Stop by Cori's website to see all of her cute designs, too.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Alien Pod update

I finally found out what the "alien pod" was! (Check out the picture from August). It was a giant puffball! And it's edible and apparently quite delicious when dipped in batter and fried. The texture has been described as crispy on the outside and like a marshmallow inside. Can't quite get my mind around that, but if I find another one next year, may have to try it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where is it?

Sam's face is in this burrow up to his eyeballs! The sniffs and snorts coming from the hole were quite hilarious....until he started to dig up the lawn. Wish I could have gotten a shot of his face when he finally surfaced. One of these times he will get his nose nipped by whatever is living in there. Sam hasn't discovered that there is most likely a "back door" somewhere else!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angel Swap #4

This little pincushion is the project for week four of the Angel Swap and is a pattern from Plum Cute Designs. It really is "plum cute" and was fun to make. Week five project has been posted and I just hope I can get it finished this week.
One more week until Quilt Fest which means lots of new projects and ideas, so that means getting my butt in gear and putting the pedal to the metal! So many new things to learn and so little time. More later, everyone.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another day of fabric dying

Here (all but four pieces) is the rainbow of colors all washed and folded, that are ready to go into something fun. The last four pieces are draped on our spruce tree, drying in the sun. Wonder what the birds think of the bright red, blue, green and purple things fluttering away?There are two pieces of lace on the right and cotton yarn from the last dying session, on the left. It was another perfect day to spend outside with friends! I must say that this time everyone jumped in right away experimenting with folding, stamping, splattering, twisting, etc. Much more freedom of mind and spirit to just have fun and see what happens. Some wonderful colors and patterns emerged....that's what happened!
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Monday, September 7, 2009


Just a peek at the Sundance Film Festival Resort. Any guesses what the background picture is? This whole area is just so inspiring and thought provoking. We got a peek at the rehearsal hall and screening room. The chairlift for the ski slopes was operating, but not for skiiers or sightseeing! It was taking bikes and riders up so they could ride down the mountain! Not for me!! Okay, still not sure what the background is? Try visualizing a rubber welcome mat! Yep, on the way into the screening room.
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Deer Creek Reservoir & Mtns.

The river from the last post flows into this reservoir, which is huge. The bottom picture is just one of the mountains along Provo Canyon. Just a wonderful three hour trainride full of senic wonders. It was the first of Sept. and a few of the trees were beginning to show a bit of color. In a couple of weeks it will be beautiful (for this desert land). Can't beat New England in the fall!
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Train ride

This is one of my favorite pictures taken from the observation car of the historic Heber Valley RR. Simply gorgeous views of the mountains along Provo Canyon.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A week in Midway, UT

We just got back from a wonderful week in Midway, UT. It's amazing how many great spots are in the Heber Valley....and to think that it's only about 90 minutes away.....and we haven't been there until now!! Of course we've been to Park City (yep, the 2002 Winter Olympics were there), but never went any further! Midway is the home of "Swiss Days" (no, Sammy, not just cheese and chocolate), which is held during the Labor Day weekend each year. Along with all the programs during the day, there are approx. 250 vendors from all over the US. One of the vendors told us that she does at least 30 shows a year and this one is rated among the top 10 juried shows in the country!! Who woulda thought?! Pictures and more are coming.