Monday, January 24, 2011

A Whole Month Already???

I can't believe that an entire month has gone by since my last post!  And I don't have much to show for all that time either.  Yes, the holiday's took some time, but no excuses.....I just didn't post.

Today is beautiful here in Utah.  The sun is out, the air quality is in the green zone, and the temp is in the 40,s.  Actually, the thermometer on our deck says 51°F.  No wonder Sam (dog) is happy staying outside so much today.

I have been working on some PHD's (doesn't that sound better than UFO's?) but haven't finished any yet.  Jenny of Elefantz has a new 2011 bom that I fell in love with!  The link is on my sidebar.  This one will have a little saying to hang on the main quiltlet each month.

This little section hangs on the button and there will be a different one each month.

And this part "Gives Thanks" for everything.  My thanks to Jenny!  Another wonderful design.