Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trunk Show

Robyn Orchard presented a wonderful trunk show at the Ogden Quilt Guild meeting this afternoon. Ogden's theme for this year is how to use your scraps to make beautiful quilts. One of the best web sites for patterns and ideas for using scraps is Bonnie Hunter's site at . There is a lot of information and tips for cutting and storing strips, bricks, and squares of various sizes which Bonnie calls her "scrap savers system". Robyn showed us just how beautiful quilts made from scraps can be. Organizing all those bins and boxes of fabric can be daunting if you try to do it all at once. Instead, Robyn suggests limiting your cutting and sorting time into 15 minute segments. When the timer goes off, walk away and do someting else unless you are on a roll, then set the timer for another 15 minutes. It really is amazing how many strips, bricks and squares you can cut in what seems like a short amount of time.

Here are a few more beauties!

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