Thursday, May 6, 2010

Road Construction Update

We now have three big shovels digging up the rest of the hill.  In addition to big blue, there are two big yellows happily moving dirt from one spot to another.  When all of this began last fall, there were trees and brush, deer, raccoons, pheasants, and lots of birds and other wildlife.  Then all of the trees were cut and everything else was removed.  Nothing else happened for quite some time, until the big equipment finally started to reconfigure the natural landscape.  Since then, dirt has been taken out, dirt brought in, more dirt taken out or moved from one spot to another, gravel brought in, drainage pipe laid and then taken back out.  Retaining walls started being put up and then back to the drawing board.  Since the "near disaster", there have been many (that we have seen) meetings with drawings and plans laid out, along with many surveys, new markers, and on and on.  There are now four, yes, four tiers of ground.  Pictures just don't show the depth of these, but it starts with our lawn, then the first drop-off which is a good ten feet, where we thought the actual road would be, now another lower tier with at least another ten foot drop-off.  Not finished yet!  One more drop-off to the bottom.

Why?  No one can really give us a good explanation as to why all of this is being done.  Now all we see when we are on our deck is dirt, and the junkyard left behind by the former landowner who lived right beside the creek.  What would almost make all of this worth while would be a nice little park / green space beside the creek, maybe a couple of picnic tables and benches.  I know, I know.  Just dreaming a little of what could be done.  Something to suggest to the city.

This guy had to use his shovel to pull himself back up.

Big blue is way-y-y down on the third tier.

Another survey and check the plans.

If you click on the picture you can see some of the junk that's all over the area beside the creek.  Yes, there was a house (kind of) there.  The garage is still standing, bulging with more stuff.

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