Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Storage

Yea!!!  I got rid of the old, bulky shelves in my sewing room. (Can't quite bring myself to call it a "studio")  My son-in-law was here for a visit so I put him to work!  We went shopping at the local home improvement centers and found the storage cabinets and added the drawer units and shelves.  There are still some things to be rearranged and changed, but I love it.  The old unit had three big shelves so I had all of my fabric in odds and ends of plastic bins stacked three high.  Of course every time I needed a piece of fabric it was in one of the bottom bins.  Now I can just pull open a drawer to find get what I need.  Boy, did I find a lot of "what were you thinking" and "ugh, this is really bad" fabric that got weeded out.  It's very interesting to see what colors and types of fabric were "in" and that I really liked once upon a time.  I can't remember who made the comment, "if it's still ugly, you just haven't cut it small enough", or something like that.  That's about 99% true, but there are some fabrics that are just plain bad.  My new rule is that I can't add new fabric if it won't fit in the existing space.  Think that will work?

The old tv has to go!  Mr. D suggested a new flat screen that will fit on the top shelf to right of the iron.  Should fit perfect.  For now I just have to move the old one out of the way.

Summer Roses

Summer is officially here!  The sun is shining and the temperature is rising....finally!!  I had to take some pictures of our roses so Mr. D could see how gorgeous they are. He's been house bound for the past week due to extensive foot surgery. 

                                        Big old bumble bee enjoying the roses.

                                                           My favorite

                             Check out all the buds!  This one blooms all summer!

Robin Update #3

Lea sent me a note that Mrs. Robin decided to lay her eggs in nest #3.  She thinks there are two eggs.  Building two nests and refurbishing one seems like a lot of work for two eggs.  It will be interesting to see if another pair of birds add to this little village of nests next year.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Robin's Nest Update #2

Just got another update on "Mom Robin". ......

" I talked to Lea yesterday and that silly bird is still working on all three nests! Mr. Robin is still hanging around with his dorky mohawk, waiting for her to complete her task. I really think we need a web cam in place on the TPQR porch to monitor the progression of the nest neighborhood. Could she possibly connect the three nests to make a McMansion? "

I think a web cam would be a great idea, especially since the Robins are in Idaho and we are in Utah!  This pair is just too funny.  Maybe Jim could drill holes in the rafters, so the rooms (nests) could connect.