Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Amy Bradley Pattern and Mini Interview

You've got to check out Ruby Slipperz blog and read her "mini interview" with designer Amy Bradley, and Amy's new pattern "Have a Happy Scrappy Day".  It is so darn cute....and she found it at one of my favorite shops.  Click HERE to check it out.

Robin's Nest Update

I just got word from Kaye, one of the quilters that was at the retreat.  "I hear that Mom robin has settled into nest #3. Don't know if eggs are in the works, but will report if I find out."  Thanks, Kaye.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilting Retreat and Confused Robins

Just got back from four intense days of sewing at Teton Patchwork Quilter's Retreat in Tetonia, ID. We always have a great time at our retreats, and this one had an additional treat. We watched a pair of robins building these nests. Yes, that is plural....three nests to be exact. The one on the left was there from last year, but was redecorated and updated, checked and re-checked for size. Apparently Dad Robin wanted a newer dwelling, so Mom Robin started nest #2. This one has walls so high she almost didn't have enough room to get out of it. Hm-m-m, still not quite right, so she started nest #3. We took turns watching and reporting her progress so we could get some sewing done. She didn't work on one at a time, but went back and forth between the three all day long. Dad Robin did bring some dried grass and other building material, but spent most of his time strutting, fluffing his feathers and checking Mom Robin's progress.

Do Robins usually make more than one nest? Will she lay eggs in all three, finally choose the right one, or build another nest somewhere else? Is she just really confused about this whole process or just keeping busy until she's ready to lay her eggs, or is her mate just too darn picky? We've been promised updates, so will let everyone know the final decision.
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