Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone out there in blogland has a very happy day! The sun is out and today might set a record for the warmest day in February.....might just hit 60 degrees. So smile, give your sweetie a big hug and smootch and enjoy what the day has to offer.
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marina said...

lovely little bluebirds of love Bev,
How have you gone with your 'crinkles'?
Sounds like your weather is being silly too.
Hope you had a lovely Valentines day.

Cathie said...

My sweetie wants me to find out the designer of your fun valentines/ bird wall hanging (forget the romance, he's always thinking business)
We spent Valentine's Day cleaning up a minor flood from a leaking hose gasket in the shop basement. When my kids asked why Dad didn't get me flowers, he said "I cleaned up a flood and 20 pounds of molding mildewing sludge - that's love." and he is so right!
Hope you and your sweetie got in some quality Valentine's Day time sans sludge.