Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fusing Problems

I did it again!! At least this time I know what the problem is. See the crinkles in the top half of the first picture and in the center right of the second picture? Yes, Laura (Wasilowski), I fused everything to the wrong side of the batting!!! Again!! Argh-h-h-h!

So I thought I'd remind those of you who fuse and those of you who are about to.....don't fuse to the scrim side of the batting. Yes, even cotton and bamboo batting has a scrim. Really hard to tell sometimes which side is which without testing a scrap piece. The pieces that crinkled are sheer fabrics so that may be part of the problem since the cotton pieces aren't as bad. The iron may have been too hot for the sheers as well....didn't think about that at the time.

I will show you the whole piece as soon as it's quilted and embellished. Hopefully that won't be too far in the future?
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