Sunday, January 3, 2010

Patchwork Posies and UFO's

Happy New Year everyone! One of my "resolutions" should be to post more often! I've been reading all of your blogs and forgot about mine.
Well, I've been working on this little quilt from a workshop with the gals from Blackbird Designs, Barb and Alma. Yes, it was a couple of Januarys ago and I've been trying to hand quilt it for the past year (or so). My hand quilting goes ver-r-ry slowly, but I am determined to finish this one. All of those little round buds were supposed to be appliqued circles which were replaced by yo-yo's because they are more fun to make plus they add a little character. The background fabric is creamy tan like the full photo, not off white like the close-up.

I've spent the past week trying to re-organize my sewing room along with a lot of other bloggers. lol My DH tells me that it seems like I'm alway putting things away or just moving stuff from one spot to another....he's right. Time to weed out things I know I'll never use - craft & quilting stuff - and find homes for those ufo's I'm never going to finish. Why do so many of us, crafters and quilters, seem to always have multiple projects going on at one time? Is it because we are creative and the creative mind never stops? Or do we just become bored without multiple projects to work on?
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marina said...

Your quilt is just beautiful Bev and of course I just love the yo-yo's and ric rac!!
Must be a new year thing to clean out sewing stores. We call moving stuff from one spot to another 'rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic' :)
Sometimes you just can't let go though!

Bev said...

Thanks, Marina. I like the description!

Blanket America said...

They look very pretty and lovely.Colors uplift the mood of the viewer and so the use of colors is beautifully done here.

Bev said...

Thank you Blanket America, for you nice comments. It was a fun quilt to make.