Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun in Kansas City

Kansas City has some wonderful things to see, eat and visit.  So far we've done a lot of eating!  Last night we had a wonderful meal of Tapas.  What a wonderful variety of flavors and textures, and a great way to sample many different dishes.

Our plane trip was quite an adventure.  Everything was fine until we were ready to leave Denver for KC.  Before we took off, a tornado warning and storm came in.  All of a sudden we were asked to deplane as quickly as possible, leaving everything behind.  Once inside, the alarms kept going off, and announcements to go to safe areas and away from the windows.  Did anyone listen?  Of course not!  After more than an hour we finally re-boarded and took off for KC.  During the flight, the weather channel came on and Denver got at least six inches of ball to baseball size!  They showed pictures of front end loaders clearing streets!

The weather here is pretty warm and a bit humid, but beautiful.  Had to share a few pictures from today.

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marina said...

Lovely photos Bev.
Lucky you weren't on that plane when the hale hit.