Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilts, quilts & more quilts!!

Just look at this load of quilts!! Three armloads and a car full!! We (Winnie, Sue, and I) have been getting together to work on charity quilts for "Make A Difference Day" which is a week from Saturday. Today we were at the Senior Center working away, up to our eyeballs in fabric and batting, when in walks one of our friends, Kaye (she's on the right in the picture). Kaye has been collecting quilts from local guilds for distribution and brought more than 40 quilts for us to take to a local youth services center. We chose the youth center because it is for kids from 11-18, most of whom are awaiting placement in foster homes or in need of counseling. Most quilts that are made for charity are crib size and girly. It seems that the boys and especially teens are kind of forgotten, but not this year!
Kudos to Winnie and Sue, who started this quilt-a-thon about 12 yrs. ago. With all the quilts that Kaye brought today, we will be able to give love and warmth to lots of kids, big and small. Thank you to all of you out there who have donated these quilts throughout the year. Working together makes things like this possible.
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