Friday, August 14, 2009

Nice People Nice Things Stitcheries

Even though I like to step "out of the box" at times, these little stitcheries are among my top five favorite things to do. Stitching these are very calming after a day of trying to meet deadlines (which of course I put off as long as possible) for guild projects or shop samples, along with other things that life presents. I have finished about 20 of these little darlings, so that gives me about 32 more to finish. Each one has a little verse that goes on the back, so it will be a reversible quilt.

I really think the Australian designers are wonderful. Most include a little stitchery or a bit of applique in their quilt designs which to me is a delightful change of pace from some of our "get it done as quick as you can" patterns. Yes, they do have their place, as do all the styles of quilting. That is what makes quilting so interesting. Each quilter can express her/his own unique personality.

Click on the title of this post to see some finished quilts for this pattern.
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