Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilt Fest

It is now 30 days until our annual Quilt Fest begins! The class schedule arrived last week and all of my friends have gotten their first choice of classes. Me too! I've got classes with two of the National Teachers....Melody Crust and Paula Nadelstern! Four full days of learning, luncheon lectures, lots of vendors, and seeing lots of friends. Utah has a primary state guild with charterd guilds through out the state, plus some in southern Idaho, Nevada, and I think even Arizona. There are over 1000 members, but I don't know how many come to take classes. The luncheons are limited to about 300 - 325 and people are always looking for extra tickets. There is also a wonderful quilt show.

You can go to to take a peek at the classes that are being offered if you are curious.

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