Friday, March 5, 2010

Blooming Christmas Cactus

Here we go again! This plant had so many blossoms the first time it bloomed that I thought it was done for the year. Well, it has continued to produce a few flowers since last fall, and now has about a dozen more buds. Yes, it still blooms with red and white tinged with a bit of pink. Someone told me not to move or turn the plant while it is blooming because that will cause the buds to fall. I haven't touched it and I think she's right! Just had to share because we all love flowers.....especially with two inches of snow outside! I'm so-o-o ready for spring. We've been teased with some really nice sunny days, but I want more!!
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marina said...

I am amazed it flowers inside. Mine are outside in a hanging basket and are a hot pink. The pink looks like it has taffeta petals-so soft and delicate.