Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 or 2011 Valentine Quilt?

I started this little quilt a few days before Valentine's Day, and finished it a few days after Valentine's Day. The question becomes.....was I late finishing it for 2010, or am I really early for 2011?!? Since I usually decide to make something just before the event and race like mad to make the deadline, this time I just went with the flow. So....I'm going to say I'm ready for next year! Doing the free motion quilting for this quilt taught me that by just relaxing a bit, without a deadline, gave me the rhythm needed to make it a fun thing to do.
The whole point of this comes down to one of two things: give yourself plenty of time to enjoy and finish a project, or accept the fact that you won't get it finished in time, but it will be ready in plenty of time for next year. Will I follow my own advice? Probably not.
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marina said...

Bev, It looks fantastic!
I love the applique , just beautiful.
Don't hide it away till next year enjoy a belated valentine's day for awhile first.

Wendy B said...

I agree with Marina....a beautiful quilt, why hide it till 2011???
sugary hugs :O) Wendy b

Wendy said...

Stunning. Can it be a wedding anniversary quilt?