Monday, January 11, 2010

Surprise Package!!

This package came in the mail Saturday morning from Marina who lives in Australia! I couldn't wait to open it, especially since it really did come as a total surprise! Marina was my swap partner last fall as part of the Stitchers Angel Swap hosted by Helen Stubbings. We've become cyber-friends and e-mail back and forth about once a week. It has been so much fun and very interesting to exchange information and ideas with someone on the other side of the world. Marina is sweltering in the heat of summer while I'm trying to stay warm 'cause it's the middle of winter here. What's even more interesting is the fact that we both have been working on an on-line bom from Bunny Hill Designs!! Of course, I'm way behind on mine....but that's nothing new for  me! 

There is a calendar called "Wild Australians" (animals indigenous to AU), three big pieces of fabric, which I have a plan for already), and a copy of Patchwork.  Now, what Marina doesn't know, is that there is an article in the magazine that references my other Stitchers Angel, Deb Gardiner, who is a designer of dolls and other things!!  Is all of this a coincidence or what?  I thinks it is pretty neat and so...Thank You, Marina, you are a keeper.

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marina said...

You are most welcome Bev, Glad you enjoyed my 'thankyou' goodies.
It is a bit freaky that your other angel was in that mag. There are always only a few degrees of separation!
ps you are a keeper too lol.