Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mushrooms Anyone?

I found these beauties growing in odd spots around the yard.  These were sprouting under our spruce tree.  Really strange looking.  The middle one looks like a glass of beer with the foam overflowing...really dark beer.  Not quite sure about the small one, but I'll watch them.

These little guys were growing next to a piece
 of wood.  The peaked tops were quite shiny and if you zoom in there are wonderful striations of color that almost looks like wood grain.
 This one was all by itself between two pieces of wood.  Much darker brown cap.

I guess they like the dampness of the wood because here is another group on the other side of the log. 

Last year I found a giant puffball in our yard.  Of course I had no clue what it was when I took the picture, but after much research, not only did I find out what it was, but that it is edible and has a texture sort of like a marshmallow.

Nature provides us with many, many interesting and unusual things to see and wonder about if we take the time to really look at our surroundings.


marina said...

Aren't the colours in those brown ones so beautiful. The second ones look like they are carved in wood.

Cathie said...

Looks like a wonderful possibility for the Ruth McDowell design technique class....

Bev said...

Oh-o-o-o! I didn't even think about that, Cathie.