Monday, September 27, 2010

Niagra River Rapids

We spent a wonderful week visiting family in Buffalo, NY (two weeks ago).  Can't go there without visiting Niagra Falls which is one of my favorite places.  The Canadian side of the falls is gorgeous, but we were making a trip to the casino and since we all left our passports at the house, decided to check out the American side.  We went to Goat Island and we were able to venture right down to the Niagra railing or fence to keep you from falling into the rapids.  Wow!!  It was amazing!  We couldn't actually see the falls, but you can see mist caused by the power of this river.  The rapids were incredible.

 This picture is taken from Goat Island looking over the falls at the city of Niagra Falls through the mist.

(Close-up from the picture above)

You can see the water beginning to spill over the edge and the "fog" is the spray or mist rising from the force of the water hitting the bottom.

This photo is just one little area of the rapids.


marina said...

It's amazing the power of water.
Glad you didn't take a dip!

Sue said...

Awesome pictures. Brings back memories of when we were there.