Tuesday, July 6, 2010

21st Century Technology

Road construction has been progressing slowly but surely. This morning there was a lot of activity with quite a few guys....not a lot of motorized activity, mind you, but a lot of "get down an dirty" stuff. I didn't realize just what was going on until this guy and two other workers were almost out of sight, so you only get to see the "down and dirty" guy. No, he's not hurt or taking a break. He's really working hard! If you click on the picture and maybe zoom in, you will be able to see a string just about eye level. He's got "laser vision"! Yes, he's using the old fashioned method of making sure the string is right on with the other stakes and string. Hm-m-m, I wonder if he's a hunter who is used to lining up the sights of a gun or even a bow.
We still have things being done and then re-done, such as deciding that the retaining wall isn't quite high enough in one section, so off come the caps and on go a few more levels and then back on with the caps. A few minutes ago two cement trucks went past, so maybe it's almost time for the next phase.....but.....it will be much more difficult to un-do concrete than plain old sandy dirt.

Remember the "junk-yard" at the bottom of the hill? Well, three guys were trying to un-junk it a bit, but got caught by one of our police officers. He watched them for about 10 min. and called for back-up. The cops were pretty sneaky and the un-junkers were so engrossed in trying to clean things up that they didn't hear anything until it was too late. Mr. D and I drank our morning coffee on the deck watching all the action. Their car was towed away along with some of their stuff, but we're not sure what happened to the "un-junkers".

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marina said...

just like watching 'Cops' from your own back yard!
My dad used to be a concreter and they used to use the stakes and string method. My dad used to have a fantastic eye for things that weren't level.
I thought the guy was getting ready for a nap.