Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cottage Stars

Finally! The top is finished! The photo shows about 3/4's of the top because it is quite large....85 1/4" x 102 1/4".....and not quite enough space to hang the whole thing. There are 50 star blocks plus 18 side units plus 4 corner units. Each star block has 20 pieces and each edge unit has 10 pieces......oh, plus the four corner units, but who's counting!? (1204 sound about right?) It's a good thing that Cathy is on my "A" list. Yes, there was a lot of cutting and lots of pinning (which I seldom do), but I think it turned out really nice. Can't wait to see it quilted!

This is another shop sample for Cathie Z of Thimbles and Threads in Draper, UT. She's busy getting her new shop ready for the annual Shop Hop which begins all too soon.

The close-up picture shows the stars much better. You will just have to ignore the wrinkles from being folded up. It really does lay nice and flat.
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Carol said...

Gorgeous. Love the pattern and the colors. Another pattern to add to my rapidly expanding list !!!!!!
Must have taken a long time to put together (at least for me it would have)

marina said...

That is beautiful Bev. I love the fabrics too.

Cathie said...

I can hardly wait to get this one quilted.....As usual, your work is impeccable. At first I was picturig an echo of the white hourglass pattern in each blue block. Then I squinted. Now maybe I see an interlocking nine-patch on point with a lovely design linking the blocks. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! No matter what I do quilting wise, the piecing is amazing. Thanks for all you do!