Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sam's New Stuffie

Yesterday, when I looked in the "doggie toy" basket, it dawned on me that everything left in it was missing half its stuffing, chewed up, stiff from slobber, or just worn out. And....only one still had a squeeker that squeeked!! Poor dog, no wonder he hasn't been playing much. He's been going over to the basket, looks in it and walks away. So, this morning I decided to make him one with some left over fleece, plus, I had some squeekers that I bought quite awhile ago (found 'em last night!). As soon as he saw the fleece and heard the squeek, he knew that whatever was on the table was HIS! When that last stitch went in, it was throw it now or be attacked! The whole thing only took 10-15 min. from start to finish, so off to dig out more scraps of fleece to make a few more. I used some odd strips of batting for some of the stuffing which makes it just a bit firmer for chewing.
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marina said...

You just can't suppress that retrieve instinct!
Stuffies last about 10 minutes with my boys so they only get toys when we play with them. Sometimes they sneek them out of the box and it is goodbye and amen to those toys. They 'chew and destroy' everything from bedding to garden hoses! Sam is a good boy not to destroy everything.