Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Christmas Cactus

I got this plant about 10 years ago when we still lived in MA, so it survived a cross-country move. Apparently, it loves it's home because it now blooms about three times a year....actually, parts of it bloom at different times from now until spring. There must have been two plants originally because as you can see, some flowers are red and the others have a pinkish tint to them. I'm surprised that after all these years the colors are still so separate. The red ones are starting to fade, but there are still lots of buds of both colors.
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SewCalGal said...

Amazing. I have Christmas Cactus, well I should say I've had Thanksgiving Catcus, Christmas Cactus, and Valentine's Day cactus. And I've had some that have had a variety of colors, and even those that start blooming in one color and end up blooming in another color. But I've never had one bloom with light colors and dark colors like yours had. Beautiful.